Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Now Introducing Japanese Musician Kenshi Yonezu!!

Peace Sign

Gray and Blue


Mad Head Love


Santa Maria



Friday, August 28, 2015

Blank Space

Blank Space - I Prevail
Blank Page (Death Note Parody)

Monday, February 9, 2015

Flyleaf Lyric Videos

Fully Alive - Flyleaf
All Around Me - Flyleaf

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Some YouTube Videos I Talked About

15 Myths About Sleep - Danger Dolan
Buffering - Julian Smith
Huge Building Explosion - Slow Mo Guys

Friday, January 16, 2015

Some Fun Youtube Video Suggestions

If you are looking for some fun videos on YouTube, I suggest danger Dolan, slow mo guys, and julian smith.


Danger Dolan; these videos are about different kinds of things, like 15 things you didn't know about planet earth, there are also some scary videos too, like 15 creepiest things a child has ever said.

Slow mo guys; these videos are about two British guys with slow motion cameras and way too much time on their hands. It's really funny!

Julian smith; he's makes funny videos about weird things, like pre-blessed food and buffering (recommended)... Need I say more?

Saturday, November 1, 2014

About the Last Post

If you are wondering where they speak Flemish, it Is in western Germany, in Belgium. 55% of Belgium speak this beautiful language. 5.5 million people speak this language. Yes, I know, it is close to Dutch. Some people speak it in France too!

Laat Het Los - Lyrics/Songtekst (Flemish "Let It Go")

Laat Het Los - Lyrics/Songtekst (Flemish "Let It Go")


De sneeuw glanst zacht op de bergen vannacht
En geen voetafdruk te zien.
Een koninkrijk stil en eenzaam 
en ik ben de Koningin. 

De wind jaagt huilend als de wervelstorm in mij.
Ik hou het niet meer uit, nu laat ik hem vrij.

Laat niemand toe, kijk niemand aan.
Je moet altijd het brave meisje zijn.
Geen blik, geen snik
Het masker op
Hier houdt het op!

Laat het los, Laat het los!
Ik hou het echt niet meer uit.
Laat het los, Laat het los!
Gooi de deur dicht, keer niet terug.
Geef niet om al hun commentaar
En de storm raast door
De vrieskou daar zat ik toch al niet mee.

't is vreemd, maar op een afstand
Lijkt alles heel erg klein.
En de angsten die ik voelde
die blijken weg te zijn!

Ik wil nu zien wat ik kan doen
Bepaal de grenzen, waar en hoe
Geen kwaad, Geen goed
Geen wet voor mij
Ik ben vrij!

Laat het los, Laat het los!
Ben nu wind en de hemel één.
Laat het los, Laat het los!
Mijn laatste traan verdween!
Ik sta hier en ik blijf hier!
En de storm raast door.

Mijn krachten schieten door de lucht recht naar de grond.
Mijn ziel versplintert zich als ijskristallen in het rond. 
En geen gedachte vormt zich ijzig koud in mij!
Nee ik ga nooit meer terug
Voorbij is nu Voorbij!

Laat het los, Laat het los!
Ik herrijs als de ochtendgloor
Laat het los, Laat het los!
Die brave meid is er vandoor!
Hier in het licht, maak ik mijn entree!
En de storm raast door!
De vrieskou daar zat ik toch al niet mee.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Some Fun Craft Videos!

Crayon Lipstick
Sand Art!
3D Drawing
Nail Art

Sunday, October 19, 2014


Pretty colors everywhere
wind blowing through my hair;
the leaves fall down
and colors fill the ground;
red, orange, yellow, brown
you will not have a frown;
a pile of leaves are fun to play with
God gave us this special gift!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

News Report!!

I have another blog that is public!! here's the web address!

Enjoy! :)

Friday, October 3, 2014

lyrics for tfk songs

Step to Me - TFK

Last Words - TFK
Faith, Love, and Happiness - TFK
I Climb - TFK
Down - TFK
Bounce - TFK
Break the Silence - TFK
 the Flame in all of us - TFK
Falls Apart - TFK
What do we know - TFK
Move - TFK
War of change - TFK

Sunday, August 31, 2014


Phenomenon - Thousand Foot Krutch
Rawkfist - Thousand Foot Krutch
Ordinary - Thousand Foot Krutch

Friday, August 8, 2014

Guess What?!

I am very close to sending my book 'Scary Stuff' to a publisher. Does anyone have a better name?

Who's your favorite author?

Thursday, June 5, 2014


Irish Pancakes with Sugar and Lemon
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
a pinch of salt
2 large eggs
3/4 cup milk
4 tbsp. unsalted butter
sprinkle sugar over the pancake, then put about 7 drops of lemon juice, scattered, roll up and eat.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

These Songs are Stuck in my Head!!

Courtesy Call - Thousand Foot Crutch
Acapella - Karmin

Amazing Video

                                            The Proof of Your Love - for King & Country

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book Update

So far in the book 'The Island of Survivors' I am working on chapter 6. The closest book ready for (hopefully) publishing is 'Scary Stuff'. (Sample Coming Soon!)

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Music videos

Everything at Once - Lenka
Trouble is a Friend - Lenka
Human - Christina Perri
Thousand Years - Christina Perri
Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Lyric Videos

Everything at once- Lenka

The show - Lenka

Everything's okay - Lenka

Monday, April 28, 2014

Dear English,

DeAr eNGlIsH cLAsS,
ThANk, yOU, FoR, TeAChiNG, mE, CaPItAlIZaTiON, AnD, COmMaS,,
ThEY, ArE, VeRY, HeLPfUl,!
NoW, iF, ONlY, i, CoULd, StOP,!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Basket Story (true)

This morning....

Me: hey Dad? How am I supposed to be an FBI agent if I can't even find my Easter basket?
Dad: I don't know, how are you supposed to be?
Me: I've failed!


Me: hey Carter, do you know where my Easter basket is?
Carter: yep, this way.... in here, behind this.
Me: thanks Carter.

Me: hey dad? Sometimes FBI agents go around asking people if they've seen the person their looking for.
Dad: yep. So did you find it? 
Me: yep Carter showed me.
Dad: really Carter? You're not supposed to tell her where it is!

And that is how I found my Easter basket. Happy Easter everybody!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Book Review

Pegasus the Flame of Olympus
Emily finds Pegasus on the roof of her apartment building. She must bring him and the flame back to Olympus before the world is destroyed. But she doesn't have to do it alone. Joel is a Roman mythology lover, and is willing to help. On the way they meet Dianna who is trying to find Pegasus to bring him back, and Paelen, who stole him in the first place.

Let it Go
Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

Friday, April 18, 2014

Books Read this (school) Year

1. kingdom's dawn
2. kingdom's hope
3. kingdom's edge
4. keeper of the lost cities
5. Pegasus the flame of Olympus
6. three times lucky
7. goblin secrets
8. goosebumps: the werewolf of fever swamp
9. goosebumps: the haunted car
10. goosebumps: beware the snowman
11. goosebumps: escape from the carnival of horror
12. goosebumps: the scarecrow walks at midnight
13. too many secrets
14. skeleton man
15. the ghost's grave
16. the graveyard book
17. 100 cupboards
18. dragon keeper
19. the short second life of Bree Tanner
20. the mark of Athena
21. beautiful creatures
22. the house of Hades
23. keeper of the lost cities exile
24. Micheal Vey
25. Micheal Vey book 2
26. Micheal Vey book 3
27. weird but true tales
28. the thirteenth unicorn
29. beautiful darkness
30. the lost hero
31. the son of Neptune
32. liar and spy
33. wonder
34. the people of sparks
35. 39 clues maze of bones
36. the unfinished song
37. 39 clues book 2
38. the unfinished song book 2 taboo
39. the unfinished song book 3 sacrifice
40. beautiful chaos
41. treasure hunters
42. the unfinished song book 4 root

Comment if you want to learn more about a book on this list or go to the top of the blog and click BOOK REVIEWS. Thank you!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


2 Limes
8 Cups Cold Water
1/2 Cup of Sugar (or more)

1 Cup Lemon Juice
1 Cup Sugar
1 Cup Water
3-4 Cups Cold Water

                     Fruit Cooler
*Makes 2 servings
1 cup Milk
1 Banana, cut and frozen
1 cup Berries or Pineapple
*Put ingredients in blender; cover and blend until smoothed

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

42 books read this (school) year! My goal? 50. I think I'm doing good! The poll next to this is about rather or not I should list the books I've read. PLEASE VOTE!!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

                                                   I'm reading a book - julian smith

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Sorry I haven't been posting much, I am having technical difficulties thinking of things to blog about. so if you have any ideas, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO COMMENT!!!! Thank you!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lyric videos!

Kryptonite - Three Doors Down
Counting stars - One Republic

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Please comment on what your wolf name is! I would love to know!


Favorite bands of 2013

Friday, January 31, 2014

Good songs!

Baby's Love Story In My Head - Justin Bieber ft. Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, and Ludacris
Impossible - Shontelle
 Fireflies - Owl City

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I was wondering if anyone had any recommended books for me to read. I am looking for fantasy, mystery, adventurous, and scary. Preferably aged 9-12 or middle grade. Thanks for your help!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Book review!

The characters of this book are Mo LoBeau (a.k.a. Moses LoBeau) and Dale Earnhardt Johnson

Mo wants to be a detective. She works at the café with the colonel and miss Lana and knows everyone in town. When a stranger comes by, trouble comes with him, and Mr. Jesse is found dead. Mo and her friend Dale get involved in the detective work when miss Lana and the Colonel go missing, and Mo is left home alone.

I like this book because it has adventure and I, myself, wanted to be a detective once, so I thought it was kind of cool.

Friday, January 24, 2014

A Story

I am Rosalie Romando, I am a dress model. I apparently had my memory wiped clean when I was a teenager and can't remember who I really am. I will tell you, in this story, what I know about my past. Ok, so I was found on the streets of Paris and brought to America. Then I was adopted by the Romando's, I don't have hearing in my right ear and have a British accent. I was going blind until I had eye surgery, and can now see perfectly. When they found me I had no clue who I was, or where I was, or how I got there. The only thing I remembered was that my name was Rosalie. After I was adopted, my parents immediately put me to school. There, I was bullied and made fun of because of my hearing problem. I told the teacher and she told my parents, and my parents homeschooled me from then on. I finally got my hearing aid and loved being able to hear better. M parents thought that I was so beautiful that I should go into the beauty pagent, and I did. I was winner for the next three years, and then when I grew up I became a model. Later in life I found out that the reason I couldn't remember is because I hit my head when I was walking down the street and couldn't remember. So it turns out that I was an orphan my whole life!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Story

Jessica's my name and making dresses is my game. I own my own business and I work at home. My business name is Cutely Cute. as you can see from the picture above that I also model off my dresses. Business is slow right now, that is why I have time to tell you my story. It happened long ago, when I was just a baby, I lived in a big castle, knights, servants, horses, and chariots, all that and more! Yes, I am a princess, but I was kidnapped at age 3. And I haven't seen my true parents until I was 14. It all happened when I was told that I was adopted. I asked them who I was adopted from, and they said, "The Fredricksons." So I went and found the Fredricksons. But they said that they adopted me from the Jeffersons. And then from Jeffersons to Smiths, to Andersomes, to Christensens. All the way to old man Greg. Who was soo surprised to see me, he told me that long ago, his son kidnapped a little girl from the castle in England. He said that his son was waiting for a reward to come up, but it never did. So he put me up for adoption. So I went to the Christensens, to Andersomes, to Smiths, to Jeffersons, Fredricksons,and finally to my current family, the Stevensons. I told my parents and told them about my findings. "Mother? Father? Did you know that I was kidnapped as a baby and brought here?" they answered. "No we did not, but who did you belong to? I mean, you've been searching for a whole year, what did you find out?" I looked at them excitedly, "I am a PRINCESS!" I squealed. "Really? how interesting. We should take you back, if that's what you want, I mean." Said mother. "But what about you and father? What will you do without me?" I said now stunned. " We can manage, it's your choice." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "I want to go, meet my parents at least." I said. "Ok, I'll go find some airplane tickets." Said father. So that is what happened, we flew to England, met my parents, and they gladly took me back. But I asked a favor, to have my adopted parents as my tutor and teacher. And we lived happily ever after. That is my story.

Book report

The main character is Josh, a twelve-and-a-half year old boy from Minneapolis

The year Josh finally gets on the baseball team, his parents send him to a small town to stay with his crazy-kills-bats-in-the-kitchen-aunt Ethel, where he becomes friends with Willie, who just happens to be a ghost, who wants Josh to dig up his grave and rebury them. But, when Josh finally gets the courage to do it, he digs up a silver box full of money.

I like this book because it has parts that make you say 'No! Don't do it!' And it is also very adventurous.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Book Review!

This book is called 100 cupboards by N.D. Wilson

Henry York is twelve
Henrietta Wilson is thirteen
Henry wakes in the middle of the night to a thumping noise. The thumping causes the plaster to fall and under that plaster is a cupboard. Henry's adventure begins when he peeks in a cupboard and finds something that'll change his life forever.

more funny videos

Clean - Anita Renfro
The Mom Song - Anita Renfro

Goat remix I knew you were trouble

                                                       have you seen this? It's hilarious!

A Story

This is my story, the story of how I died. My name is Christine Debute, I died the day before my wedding, in a fire that was no accident. And I've been haunting these halls ever since. And if you're wondering, yes, I am a ghost but I prefer living dead. The only reason you can see me in the picture above is because I let you. You see, if I didn't want you to see me, the picture above would be empty. Anyway, it all happened when I was shopping for my wedding dress, my mother was there helping me, of course, pick it out. You can see from the picture above what I chose. So fast forward, blah, blah, blah, ah! Here we go! It happened the night before my wedding I was making sure the dress still fit. (you never know) Well, I was watching the telly when the news broadcaster came up and said, "If you live around the eastern corner of London then you might want to check you're fire alarms, there is an arsonist on the loose, so be careful, this is London news." That is the area I used to live in, the eastern corner of London. I didn't think of it, what were the chances of it being me? I was in my closet looking in my mirror when the smoke alarm went off. The door was hot and I was on the third floor, in other words, I was trapped. I went to grab my phone to call the fire department when I remembered it was down stairs. So, I grabbed my sheets and went to the window to get my neighbors attention, but unfortunately their house was on fire too. Trapped, with no one to help me, all alone, the night before my wedding. That's when it hit me, I was going to die. Alone. What I remember next was a hazy dream of a meadow, I was running in a meadow, then it faded and I was back in the house, but it was different. I got up, (or floated, whatever) and looked around. There was furniture I've never seen before, and pictures of people I didn't know. What is this? I thought, This stuff isn't mine, and who are these people? Then I remember that dreadful night of fire and sparks. "Oh no." I said out loud, "No, no no, this can not be happening!" I exclaimed. "Mom? is that you?" a little voice said. "No, it's me, Christine Debute? Who are you?" I asked. He took one look at me and fainted. That is when I realized I was a gho- ehem living dead being. And ever since, I have been haunting this house.

Yesterday and Today's verses

Luke 7:18-50

Genesis 11

Psalm 4

Luke 8:1-25

Genesis 12

Psalm 6

Quotes and Verses

Brittney is having a Bible Verse Editing Contest that ends 1/18/14 Come and join me if you can. Here is my entry:

Thank you Sissy!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Today's verses:

Luke 7:1-7

Genesis 8

Genesis 9

Genesis 10

Psalm 4
When was the last time you heard this song?

                                                             you and me - lifehouse

It's been a long time for me.


I'm thinking about being a landscape designer, what do you think of these? I'd put 'em in my front yard!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Island of Survivors' sample


The Island of Survivors

By: Sara Lubrecht








There once were two islands far from any coasts. The two islands were not as far from each other, though. On the islands there were one city and some woods for the hunters. One day the islands went to war, but the two leaders swore on each other’s life to leave the children filled shelters alone as long as no adult was inside. The islands knew for years that this war was coming so they prepared their children to survive without them. When the war broke out there were to be no adult survivors.




The families rushed their children out the door and into the shelters on the islands. Kids were frightened, babies were crying, and people were screaming as planes flew overhead. One girl, 17 years old, was helping children into a shelter as their parents dropped them off. Then the bombs started. You could hear them explode for miles through the screaming and crying and the thick windowless walls of the shelter. Seven months later, the war was over.








She went up the stage steps to the center. She looked at the children and wondered what she should say. That's me up there wondering that, what I should say? I say, "Attention everyone! May I have your attention please? My name is Tess and I wanted to remind you that our parents brought us to the shelters so when the war was over we could rebuild this city and repopulate it!" I felt two-hundred eyes watching me, “So we have to get this place into shape! I want... yes, what is it?" a boy in the crowd about 19, I guessed, held up his hand. “Who put you in charge?" he said. "Are you saying that we should have a vote?" he nodded.

“Ok, who wants to run against me?" everyone exchanged glances and said nothing, "I guess its unanimous then. I'm in charge. Anyways as I was saying I want all the people seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen years’ olds to come up front please.” Twenty people came out of the crowd including the boy who had raised his hand. “Ok, perfect, what are your names?” I asked. What I got was; Aiden, Michael, Tyler, Ryan, Connor, Jack, Jayden, Logan, Caden, Ashton, Lucas, Devin, Mia, Hannah, Ava, Emma, Carla, Maia, Kenya, and Luna. “Ok, so what you have to do is split into teams of two, so Aiden; you are with Mia, Michael and Hannah, Tyler and Ava, Ryan and Emma, and Caden and Ashton.

 Aiden team one, Michael team two, Tyler team three, Ryan team four, and Caden team five. You each of you get a walkie talkie and a hard hat. As with the rest of you, you are the emergency rescue teams. Team one, Jack and Maia, team two, Jayden and Kenya, team three, Logan and Luna, team four, Lucas and Devin, and team five, Conner and Carla. Any questions?” I paused for a moment, “Yes Caden?”

 Caden cleared his throat, “I was wondering why do we have to have teams?” he asked. “I was just about to explain that. We need to gather what’s left at the stores. There will be two people, and their rescue team, at each store. So all you do is set your walkie talkies to A, wear your hard hats and get sleeping bags, lighters, matches, coal, tents, basically EVERYTHING out of the camping stores and bring them here. Any questions?” Mia raised her hand, “Yes?” “Why do we have to wear hard hats?” she asked. “Because we were just at war so the ceiling might collapse, which is also why we have the rescue teams. One team per team. Any more questions?” no one said anything so she continued, “Ok, now go, and please be careful.”

As the teams left, she went back on stage. Then she called up the fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen year olds that can cook. Ten people went up to the stage. “Names please.” Asked Tess.


 “Kiersten here!”

“Norah present”

“I’m Amari”


“Ayanna here”



“Carley reporting for duty!”

“The names Cole”

“Ok now that that’s settled, your mission is to cook everyone’s meals. I have teams out to get all the supplies from the stores so if you need anything come to me and I’ll make a list for them. We have plenty of food here to last a few months, but after that we have nothing. So we are going to stock up on that. The teams I sent out earlier should pick up a few grills and such, and there’s plenty of stuff to burn, so that should be covered. Any questions?” the group was silent.

“Ok, you start at supper time.” The kids went back in the crowd. “Anybody ages fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen, that did not come up yet, please step forward.” She said. Twenty people came up to the stage. “Ok good, may I have names please?” they all told their names one by one.

“I need you lot to go to the other shelter and fetch the other kids. You are to have two walkie-talkies, one for ten of you and the other for the other ten. Here are two maps for each separate group…” She handed out the maps and walkie-talkies after separating the groups. “Ok so as you can see on the map there’s going to be a long journey ahead on you. I have teams out to get some camping supplies so you are to wait until tomorrow. Any questions?” she waited a moment.

“Ok get some rest now.” She said. “I need three thirteen year olds to do the dishes. You can rotate if you want. The rest of you are to watch the little ones. Chefs? It’s almost suppertime. Please start cooking.” A few minutes later Ryan, Aiden, and Connor’s teams showed up to drop stuff off. “Hey Tess!” Aiden called. “Oh good you’re here, is everyone ok?” She asked. “Yeah, we just had to drop some stuff off. Let’s see… We have Sleeping bags and tents, oh yeah, and we found an undamaged pickup. I’m surprised that it hardly has any damage; there was a lot of bombing. We left it with the others to load up with the heavier things like the grills and coal. They should be here soon. Oh, and we should get back, we aren’t done yet, nowhere near. So where should I put these?” he asked.

“Dump it in that corner please.” Tess said pointing over to the farthest corner. “Ok, great, thanks.” He dumped it in the corner like he was told and left. Right before dinner, ten minutes later, they came back with a truck load of grills, coal, lighters, lanterns, gas, and tons of other stuff, the truck just had a driver and bags of useful stuff while the others walked. The first thing they unloaded was the food, then the grills, then sleeping bags, lanterns, and finally the coal, and as soon as that was unloaded, the chefs started serving. Caden went up to Tess looking amazed. “Wow Tess! How can one seventeen year old girl do all this in one day? Who are you? You are an organized person, I know that, but how did you get the courage to become leader of, what? A hundred people? More? How do you stand it? That’s a lot of people to take care of.” She thought for a moment before speaking. “Well if you must know, my dad was kind of the general. He taught me how to lead, and take care of people. I was basically raised to lead this many people. And how I stand it, I must have got that from him too, he’s was very patient you know. ” Now he was confused. “I didn’t think the general had a daughter. I don’t think anyone does.” “Yeah I know, he didn’t want anyone to know for fear it would put me in grave danger, I have a twin at the other camp.” She said. “You mean to say that there are two of you?” now he was surprised. “Yes, but please don’t tell anyone until it’s time!” she said. “Sure no problem.” When they were done talking they went into the line to eat. They had chicken and mashed potatoes. After that, was lights out.