Book Reviews

Here are little summaries about the books I posted they tell you a little more about them, you can comment if you'd like for me to tell more about them.

100 cupboards is about a boy named Henry, who discovers 100 cupboards in the bedroom he is staying in. He tells his cousin, and they both find out the danger of the cupboards. I like this book because of the danger and the mystery, I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series!

The Ghost's Grave is about a boy named Josh who meets a ghost named Willie who wants him to dig up his leg bones and bury them with the rest of him. But as he digs up the bones he also digs up a mystery. I like this book because I like the tenseness of it, also because I like mysteries.

Three times lucky is about a girl named Moses you was washed ashore after a hurricane and lives with her adopted parents miss Lana and the Colonel. She wants to be a detective so bad that when miss Lana and the Colonel go missing she helps a real detective find them, and the murderer who killed Mr. Jesse. I like this book because, well, I like crime and mysteries.
Pegasus the Flame of Olympus is about a girl named Emily, who finds Pegasus on the roof of her apartment building. She must bring him and the flame back to Olympus before the world is destroyed. But she doesn't have to do it alone. Joel is a Roman mythology lover, and is willing to help. On the way they meet Dianna who is trying to find Pegasus to bring him back, and Paelen, who stole him in the first place. I like this book because I like adventure and Greek/Roman mythology.

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