Friday, January 24, 2014

A Story

I am Rosalie Romando, I am a dress model. I apparently had my memory wiped clean when I was a teenager and can't remember who I really am. I will tell you, in this story, what I know about my past. Ok, so I was found on the streets of Paris and brought to America. Then I was adopted by the Romando's, I don't have hearing in my right ear and have a British accent. I was going blind until I had eye surgery, and can now see perfectly. When they found me I had no clue who I was, or where I was, or how I got there. The only thing I remembered was that my name was Rosalie. After I was adopted, my parents immediately put me to school. There, I was bullied and made fun of because of my hearing problem. I told the teacher and she told my parents, and my parents homeschooled me from then on. I finally got my hearing aid and loved being able to hear better. M parents thought that I was so beautiful that I should go into the beauty pagent, and I did. I was winner for the next three years, and then when I grew up I became a model. Later in life I found out that the reason I couldn't remember is because I hit my head when I was walking down the street and couldn't remember. So it turns out that I was an orphan my whole life!

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