Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Story

Jessica's my name and making dresses is my game. I own my own business and I work at home. My business name is Cutely Cute. as you can see from the picture above that I also model off my dresses. Business is slow right now, that is why I have time to tell you my story. It happened long ago, when I was just a baby, I lived in a big castle, knights, servants, horses, and chariots, all that and more! Yes, I am a princess, but I was kidnapped at age 3. And I haven't seen my true parents until I was 14. It all happened when I was told that I was adopted. I asked them who I was adopted from, and they said, "The Fredricksons." So I went and found the Fredricksons. But they said that they adopted me from the Jeffersons. And then from Jeffersons to Smiths, to Andersomes, to Christensens. All the way to old man Greg. Who was soo surprised to see me, he told me that long ago, his son kidnapped a little girl from the castle in England. He said that his son was waiting for a reward to come up, but it never did. So he put me up for adoption. So I went to the Christensens, to Andersomes, to Smiths, to Jeffersons, Fredricksons,and finally to my current family, the Stevensons. I told my parents and told them about my findings. "Mother? Father? Did you know that I was kidnapped as a baby and brought here?" they answered. "No we did not, but who did you belong to? I mean, you've been searching for a whole year, what did you find out?" I looked at them excitedly, "I am a PRINCESS!" I squealed. "Really? how interesting. We should take you back, if that's what you want, I mean." Said mother. "But what about you and father? What will you do without me?" I said now stunned. " We can manage, it's your choice." I couldn't believe what I was hearing. "I want to go, meet my parents at least." I said. "Ok, I'll go find some airplane tickets." Said father. So that is what happened, we flew to England, met my parents, and they gladly took me back. But I asked a favor, to have my adopted parents as my tutor and teacher. And we lived happily ever after. That is my story.

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