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'Island of Survivors' sample


The Island of Survivors

By: Sara Lubrecht








There once were two islands far from any coasts. The two islands were not as far from each other, though. On the islands there were one city and some woods for the hunters. One day the islands went to war, but the two leaders swore on each other’s life to leave the children filled shelters alone as long as no adult was inside. The islands knew for years that this war was coming so they prepared their children to survive without them. When the war broke out there were to be no adult survivors.




The families rushed their children out the door and into the shelters on the islands. Kids were frightened, babies were crying, and people were screaming as planes flew overhead. One girl, 17 years old, was helping children into a shelter as their parents dropped them off. Then the bombs started. You could hear them explode for miles through the screaming and crying and the thick windowless walls of the shelter. Seven months later, the war was over.








She went up the stage steps to the center. She looked at the children and wondered what she should say. That's me up there wondering that, what I should say? I say, "Attention everyone! May I have your attention please? My name is Tess and I wanted to remind you that our parents brought us to the shelters so when the war was over we could rebuild this city and repopulate it!" I felt two-hundred eyes watching me, “So we have to get this place into shape! I want... yes, what is it?" a boy in the crowd about 19, I guessed, held up his hand. “Who put you in charge?" he said. "Are you saying that we should have a vote?" he nodded.

“Ok, who wants to run against me?" everyone exchanged glances and said nothing, "I guess its unanimous then. I'm in charge. Anyways as I was saying I want all the people seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen years’ olds to come up front please.” Twenty people came out of the crowd including the boy who had raised his hand. “Ok, perfect, what are your names?” I asked. What I got was; Aiden, Michael, Tyler, Ryan, Connor, Jack, Jayden, Logan, Caden, Ashton, Lucas, Devin, Mia, Hannah, Ava, Emma, Carla, Maia, Kenya, and Luna. “Ok, so what you have to do is split into teams of two, so Aiden; you are with Mia, Michael and Hannah, Tyler and Ava, Ryan and Emma, and Caden and Ashton.

 Aiden team one, Michael team two, Tyler team three, Ryan team four, and Caden team five. You each of you get a walkie talkie and a hard hat. As with the rest of you, you are the emergency rescue teams. Team one, Jack and Maia, team two, Jayden and Kenya, team three, Logan and Luna, team four, Lucas and Devin, and team five, Conner and Carla. Any questions?” I paused for a moment, “Yes Caden?”

 Caden cleared his throat, “I was wondering why do we have to have teams?” he asked. “I was just about to explain that. We need to gather what’s left at the stores. There will be two people, and their rescue team, at each store. So all you do is set your walkie talkies to A, wear your hard hats and get sleeping bags, lighters, matches, coal, tents, basically EVERYTHING out of the camping stores and bring them here. Any questions?” Mia raised her hand, “Yes?” “Why do we have to wear hard hats?” she asked. “Because we were just at war so the ceiling might collapse, which is also why we have the rescue teams. One team per team. Any more questions?” no one said anything so she continued, “Ok, now go, and please be careful.”

As the teams left, she went back on stage. Then she called up the fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen year olds that can cook. Ten people went up to the stage. “Names please.” Asked Tess.


 “Kiersten here!”

“Norah present”

“I’m Amari”


“Ayanna here”



“Carley reporting for duty!”

“The names Cole”

“Ok now that that’s settled, your mission is to cook everyone’s meals. I have teams out to get all the supplies from the stores so if you need anything come to me and I’ll make a list for them. We have plenty of food here to last a few months, but after that we have nothing. So we are going to stock up on that. The teams I sent out earlier should pick up a few grills and such, and there’s plenty of stuff to burn, so that should be covered. Any questions?” the group was silent.

“Ok, you start at supper time.” The kids went back in the crowd. “Anybody ages fourteen, fifteen, and sixteen, that did not come up yet, please step forward.” She said. Twenty people came up to the stage. “Ok good, may I have names please?” they all told their names one by one.

“I need you lot to go to the other shelter and fetch the other kids. You are to have two walkie-talkies, one for ten of you and the other for the other ten. Here are two maps for each separate group…” She handed out the maps and walkie-talkies after separating the groups. “Ok so as you can see on the map there’s going to be a long journey ahead on you. I have teams out to get some camping supplies so you are to wait until tomorrow. Any questions?” she waited a moment.

“Ok get some rest now.” She said. “I need three thirteen year olds to do the dishes. You can rotate if you want. The rest of you are to watch the little ones. Chefs? It’s almost suppertime. Please start cooking.” A few minutes later Ryan, Aiden, and Connor’s teams showed up to drop stuff off. “Hey Tess!” Aiden called. “Oh good you’re here, is everyone ok?” She asked. “Yeah, we just had to drop some stuff off. Let’s see… We have Sleeping bags and tents, oh yeah, and we found an undamaged pickup. I’m surprised that it hardly has any damage; there was a lot of bombing. We left it with the others to load up with the heavier things like the grills and coal. They should be here soon. Oh, and we should get back, we aren’t done yet, nowhere near. So where should I put these?” he asked.

“Dump it in that corner please.” Tess said pointing over to the farthest corner. “Ok, great, thanks.” He dumped it in the corner like he was told and left. Right before dinner, ten minutes later, they came back with a truck load of grills, coal, lighters, lanterns, gas, and tons of other stuff, the truck just had a driver and bags of useful stuff while the others walked. The first thing they unloaded was the food, then the grills, then sleeping bags, lanterns, and finally the coal, and as soon as that was unloaded, the chefs started serving. Caden went up to Tess looking amazed. “Wow Tess! How can one seventeen year old girl do all this in one day? Who are you? You are an organized person, I know that, but how did you get the courage to become leader of, what? A hundred people? More? How do you stand it? That’s a lot of people to take care of.” She thought for a moment before speaking. “Well if you must know, my dad was kind of the general. He taught me how to lead, and take care of people. I was basically raised to lead this many people. And how I stand it, I must have got that from him too, he’s was very patient you know. ” Now he was confused. “I didn’t think the general had a daughter. I don’t think anyone does.” “Yeah I know, he didn’t want anyone to know for fear it would put me in grave danger, I have a twin at the other camp.” She said. “You mean to say that there are two of you?” now he was surprised. “Yes, but please don’t tell anyone until it’s time!” she said. “Sure no problem.” When they were done talking they went into the line to eat. They had chicken and mashed potatoes. After that, was lights out.

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